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Puerto Del Carmen Reviews and Information
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Bars in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote

We have many bars in Lanzarote Puerto Del Carmen many of which have reviews for you to read, all of the comments are from people who have been to the bar in Puerto Del Carmen.

Please don't forget to submit your own comment to the Puerto Del Carmen Bar Review section!

Select from the list of 79 Bars below. Click on the bar name in order to read comments on the bar in Puerto del Carmen. All the bars are located in Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote.

Any Comments not relating to the business in Puerto del Carmen or deemed inappropriate will be removed.

This includes bad language towards the bar staff, we are a family friendly site.

Bar Name   Pictures   Reviews  
Agata Christy  
Pictures Available
American Indian Cafe  
Pictures Available
Arthurs     (19)   (New Review!)
Balcon del Mar Pool Bar     (22)  
Bar Playa     (6)  
Bar Somewhere     (12)  
Bar Tonga     (43)   (New Review!)
Barge Inn     (21)  
Black and White     (3)  
Bourbon Street     (44)  
Brian Boru     (82)   (New Review!)
Bus Stop     (23)  
Cerveceria San Miguel  
Pictures Available
  (15)   (New Review!)
Chadwicks     (93)  
Charlies     (26)  
Crafty Cow  
Pictures Available
  (50)   (New Review!)
Craic n' Ceol  
Pictures Available
Crowded House  
Pictures Available
Dee Jays Beach Bar  
Pictures Available
  (16)   (New Review!) (For Sale With LBS!)
Disco Ibiza     (10)  
Drop Inn Bar     (28)  
Emporium     (5)  
Fishermans Inn  
Pictures Available
  (27)   (For Sale With LBS!)
Flanagans Showbar     (92)  
Galleon     (18)   (New Review!)
Gee Gees Bar  
Pictures Available
  (7)   (For Sale With LBS!)
Pictures Available
  (16)   (New Review!) (For Sale With LBS!)
Lady Mucks     (3)   (New Review!)
Linekers Bar     (64)   (New Review!)
Luz y Mar Pool Bar  
Pictures Available
  (3)   (New Review!)
Match Maker     (38)  
Murphy's     (85)  
O Donoghues     (14)  
Old Town Sports Bar  
Pictures Available
Picadilly     (19)  
Pictures Available
  (4)   (For Sale With LBS!)
Red Lion  
Pictures Available
  (8)   (New Review!) (For Sale With LBS!)
Red Rose cafe bar     (46)  
Redz     (41)  
Reflex     (26)  
Ricks Bar     (274)   (New Review!) (For Sale With LBS!)
Rose O'Clare  
Pictures Available
  (2)   (New Review!) (For Sale With LBS!)
Rubys Pool Bar  
Pictures Available
  (2)   (For Sale With LBS!)
Rumm     (1)  
Ruta 66  
Pictures Available
  (42)   (New Review!)
Scotch Corner  
Pictures Available
Pictures Available
  (1)   (For Sale With LBS!)
Soul Sister     (9)   (New Review!)
Spannish Inn  
Pictures Available
  (20)   (New Review!)
Sunset Beach     (31)  
Tapas Tree  
Pictures Available
The 19th Hole  
Pictures Available
  (39)   (New Review!)
The Big Apple     (50)   (New Review!)
The Celtic Inn     (1)  
The Dog and Duck  
Pictures Available
  (86)   (New Review!)
The Dubliner     (18)  
The Highlander  
Pictures Available
  (59)   (New Review!)
The Inn Place     (54)  
The Irish Harbour Bar     (108)   (New Review!)
The Irish Poitin Stil     (0)  
The Juke Box  
Pictures Available
  (44)   (New Review!)
The Melting Pot     (55)  
The Mucky Duck     (14)  
The Mucky Duck II     (26)  
The Oasis Cafe Bar     (9)  
The Pub  
Pictures Available
The Purple Turtle  
Pictures Available
  (139)   (New Review!)
The Rainbows End     (2)  
The Rambler     (10)  
The Rare Auld Times     (38)   (New Review!)
The Spanking Monkey  
Pictures Available
The Tavern  
Pictures Available
  (37)   (New Review!)
Titos Karaoke Bar     (70)   (New Review!)
Toby Jug     (30)  
Travellers Inn     (3)  
Tropical     (35)  
Tykes Pool Bar  
Pictures Available
  (4)   (New Review!)
Pictures Available
  (13)   (New Review!)
Pictures Available
  (38)   (New Review!)
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