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Puerto Del Carmen Reviews and Information
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<< Puerto Del Carmen Bars

Puerto del Carmen Bar Reviews

Welcome to the Puerto del Carmen bars review section, this information is for Murphy's including pictures for Murphy's, comments and ratings. Don't forget to leave your own comment on Murphy's.

Murphy's is located in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Murphy's may offer more than what is described below but you can be certain they will offer drinks for adults and kids.

If your comment is not a review of Murphy's it will be deleted. Please remember we are a family friendly site so do not use bad language.

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Name Murphy's
Location C.C. La Playa

Murphy's is a 100% Irish pub with fun and lively staff. it also has live music every night.

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83 comments that have been left about this Bar:

Average Rating of this bar is: 9.0 (10 is highest)

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Date Added: 12/08/2013
Rating: 1

Regular visitors to Lanzarote for many years and former regular customer's of Murphy's. The reason we will not go there again is the owner's put in a big loud speaker into the adjoining snooker room to drown out the very good singing and music in O' Brien's next door. We feel there is enough room on the strip for everyone to make a living. We now go to O'Brien's where we are made feel very welcome and get a free shot on the house. Very nice and decent owners.

Date Added: 24/03/2013
Name: keith jones
Rating: 10

Just back from Purto del Carmen and went to Murphy's, the two guys who commented about the noise must have got the wrong venue or had sour grapes against Murphy's as the noise from the bands came from the new venue next door to Murphy's and not the entertainers from Murphy's. It is well worth a visit to Murphy's as you'll have a great craic and also a great welcome from Sue, Tracey, Sean and Barry, get there early otherwise you won't get a seat as it is very popular with the regulars (like me) coming back year after year. Thanks for the great nights I've had there over the years, Keith from Wales

Date Added: 06/03/2013
Name: barry cotter
Rating: 10

I must say after readind the previous comment I've lost all faith in the Irish education system. It's also an amazing coincidence how the last two SUPPOSITITIOUS comments spell the word NEIGHBOURS the same way.......Who's FALSE now??????

Date Added: 05/03/2013
Name: John Quinn
Rating: 1

OMG how falce can people be...... Tracy has got to be the most falce person i have ever had the dispelasure of meating... hugs and kissis and laugh at you behind your back... petend to like to know you like you were her only friend and talk about you then... and the music is so loud you cant stay in and when you go out they have a speaker which is worce (i think it is there to piss off there nabours which are nice people) never will darken that door again !!!!!!!

Date Added: 23/01/2013
Name: Philip Deasy
Rating: 2

We went in their one night it was ok except for the noise of the band awful... The next night we found out it was to try and close the new Irish bar nex door... NICE NABOURS never go to murphys again

Date Added: 03/10/2012
Name: Peter O'Brien
Rating: 6

Getting money is not all a man's business: to cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business of life. -- Samual Johnson. I have always found Murphy's to be one of the best bars in PDC,great music,food and a friendly welcome. Sadly I shall visit no more after witnessing their acks of hostility towards their new neighbours.

Date Added: 30/06/2012
Name: Bernie Mylett
Rating: 10

Marie and I ( from Liverpool ) have been holidaying in Lanzarote for at least the last 12 years and ALWAYS go to Murphy's. We get a great welcome from Frank and Tracy, and look forward to seeing Jimmy about midnight. This bar is really lively, always busy and attracts a great bunch of customers who create a fantastic atmosphere. Looking forward to our next visit !

Date Added: 02/06/2012
Name: Anne Murray
Rating: 10

Visited this bar which i have to say is one of the best craic pubs in Puerto Del Carmen. Just one thing that has struck me and a few more visitors there, we always have several mosqueto biites on our legs after being there. Can the owners throw some comment on this. Its a pity because we love it. But mossies are painful.

Date Added: 16/04/2012
Name: frank hayden
Rating: 10

thanks Barry and Sean for the great dancing music had a great months enjoyment and thanks to all the ladies who danced with me.its the best run bar in lanzorete. To shane sue and tracy for your great service. see u all in sept. Frank.

Date Added: 27/02/2012
Name: Kevin[seve] Higgins
Rating: 10

Hi,Frank,Tracy,Sue,Jimmy and Barry,arr 7th april.We are looking forward to our visit to our favourite [Murphy'spub].Regards Kevin [up Cork]

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