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Puerto Del Carmen Reviews and Information
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<< Puerto Del Carmen Bars

Puerto del Carmen Bar Reviews

Welcome to the Puerto del Carmen bars review section, this information is for Sunset Beach including pictures for Sunset Beach, comments and ratings. Don't forget to leave your own comment on Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach is located in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Sunset Beach may offer more than what is described below but you can be certain they will offer drinks for adults and kids.

If your comment is not a review of Sunset Beach it will be deleted. Please remember we are a family friendly site so do not use bad language.

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Name Sunset Beach
Location C.C. Morana

Sunset Beach does have a web site but on last check it was not working. This bar offers food all day and claims to have the best sun terrace in Puerto del Carmen. It has a good food selection for the children and Fantastic views of the ocean.

No Pictures are available yet .

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30 comments that have been left about this Bar:

Average Rating of this bar is: 6.6 (10 is highest)

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Date Added: 23/09/2013
Name: Hayley Child's
Rating: 10

Just come back after a fantastic holiday in pdc and it was made a lot better from finding the sunset beach bar which we drank in there everynight. What a laugh caters for all ages and having a 3 year old daughter it was quite important that she felt comfortable. Every night she raided there fridge for a smartie lolly and every night she was made a fuss of. My husband and brother loved the killer pool competition everynight and the quiz is a good laugh too. Cant wait to go again jamie and danny and all the staff were brill xx

Date Added: 21/03/2013
Name: ryan dunn
Rating: 2

Great looking bar thats it! Expensive food that is crap and not one member of staff has a personality! That jamie one word idiot! The staff are nothing pretty to look at which is funny cause you go on holiday to flirt! Not in this bar! Spoke to group whilst in there and apparantley 2 blokes called dan and paul who used to work made the place click, maybe its time to get them back!!!! and beer for 3.30 what a joke! Its only amstel!!!!!

Date Added: 18/02/2013
Name: Kathryn
Rating: 10

Im 17 years old, i have been going there since i was 4, the reason i keep going is because it has a brilliant atmosphere, the owner Danny and his brother Jamie are like my two big brothers, every year when i go i get the same greeting i did when i was little, they welcome me and my family with open arms, i always get the same "hello my little darling" off Danny and Jamie never fails to give me a big squeeze, they are true family people and they never fail give a good laugh, the food is really nice and i spend most my nights doing the quiz there, free shots when you get a question right and everyone always has a good laugh doing it, sure the prices are a little high and that may be a option for some people, but i honestly would not go to Puerto Del Carmen without going in sunset beach.

Date Added: 09/06/2012
Name: Jamie
Rating: 10

Best bar ever. Been to loads of resorts and bars none compare to this one Jamie and Dan are the 2 nicest blokes on the planet they really made our holiday all the staff are extremely friendly and food is lovely definitely make this your local in pdc

Date Added: 28/04/2012
Name: Sandra Maine
Rating: 4

Nice looking bar, but why so expensive for basic items! Yes it has a view but it'll be cheaper to buy my own place than to spend my holiday here. Food was well, basic at best for a high price, I had a spicy chicken kebab, the pepper on the table was more spicy than the meat. Its a shame because it has the potential to be the best. Unfortunatley not, and i hate the bald man who kept trying to make my sons go off and do go karting, no means no! Staff are friendly a few could do with a proper wash though. Lisa during the day lovely girl really enjoyed her company. We might be back.

Date Added: 21/01/2012
Name: Malcom Sturrell
Rating: 4

Just came back from one of our many yearly visits. What can I say. How this bar has changed from losing a few staff! The atmosphere has gone the staff look bored and are never smiling or happy, they prefer to talk to themselves rather than serve drinks and entertain guests. They really miss Sam and Lisa on the floor! These 2 were so good and friendly! Lisa always made us laugh! Even the 2 new guys on the door! I think Joe and Gregg? Joe nice man, Gregg tried at every opportunity to make us laugh, sorry son your not Funny. Whereᄡs Paul and Dan gone? Them 2 bounced off each other so well and were always laughing! Such a shame what happens when good staff leave!

Date Added: 31/10/2011
Name: Abbie Tuck
Rating: 10

My family and I spent every night of our holiday at this bar, the staff were so nice and the food was great! The entertainment and Quizzes were fun and both the owner and his brother were really good company, pointing us in the right direction for good places to go. I highly recommend Sunset Beach!:D

Date Added: 29/10/2011
Name: Margo Tylicka
Rating: 2

Horrible place,just came back from Puerto del carmen,stay away from this one

Date Added: 09/10/2011
Name: maggie collins
Rating: 4

Very strange bar, I work as an Health inpector in Liverpool and 1st thing to say is why is there a Lady with 10 inch finger nails working in a kitchen? Its tottally illegal as they carry most germs. The bar looks exceptional well the view any way. Staff are adequate at best, quiz is entertaining but drags on forever. The most annoying factor is the man who kept trying to get us to do go-karting just wouldn't take no for an answer and other people felt the same. Even when we came in we had the same man asking my 14 and 15 year old daughters to go to a bar crawl. and when we left we had another man downstairs asking them the same thing. Unbelievable. Prices were sky high for average drinks not even branded names and the cocktails are just ice! For 7 euros plus tax! But apart from that it is an ok bar, there are worse but also much better. Go to this bar if money isn't an issue.

Date Added: 05/10/2011
Name: Zac Wright
Rating: 10

Best ever i would never go anywhere else all the times we have been to lanzarote we have been in their am going their again when i go back there.

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