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Puerto Del Carmen Reviews and Information
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<< Puerto Del Carmen Bars

Puerto del Carmen Bar Reviews

Welcome to the Puerto del Carmen bars review section, this information is for Reflex including pictures for Reflex, comments and ratings. Don't forget to leave your own comment on Reflex.

Reflex is located in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Reflex may offer more than what is described below but you can be certain they will offer drinks for adults and kids.

If your comment is not a review of Reflex it will be deleted. Please remember we are a family friendly site so do not use bad language.

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Name Reflex
Location C.C. Alantico

Used to be Fire Bar

Located in C.C. Alantico, this small bar offers 80's, 90's and music from now. This bar open till late and often has a shot quiz and karaoke.

No Pictures are available yet .

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24 comments that have been left about this Bar:

Average Rating of this bar is: 9.0 (10 is highest)

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Date Added: 29/10/2009
Name: Mr Info
Rating: 5

Reflex has now shut down

Date Added: 20/04/2009
Name: lisa F.
Rating: 10

same* that was meant ta be small haha

Date Added: 20/04/2009
Name: Lisa F.
Rating: 10

The best place ta go in PDC!! savage craic.. all same nd tuckd away!! love d nu paint lads.. miss Joe nd CJ !! so funny!! hopefully i'll have grown by the next time i gt ovr so as ya cnt lean on me CJ haha!! hope ta see ye all soon Lisa xxxx

Date Added: 17/04/2009
Rating: 10

cheers Dave for the review glad you enjoyed it the guy in the suit and filofax is CJ yep strange see ya again DJ Kev

Date Added: 17/04/2009
Name: david williams
Rating: 9

strange people at this bar brilliant dj kev bar man joe is nuts but brill really weird dude in blues brother suit with bigest filofax in the world probably has a brick in it to club you with then u wake up in fire bar.give it a

Date Added: 29/03/2009
Rating: 10

Kev is now the Dj in reflex, from ricks and odonaghues still having the crack see ya all soon

Date Added: 18/03/2009
Name: James Villa
Rating: 1

was going to go in here but was put off by some weird guy stompin round with a filo-fax under his arm

Date Added: 25/11/2008
Name: john lyng
Rating: 10

elaine and i no longer have fire bar. we would like to thank everyone for thier support and the fun we had over the last 5 years. we are still here in puerto del carmen. best wishes john

Date Added: 14/06/2008
Name: Emma + Anna Conway+ crosby
Rating: 10

Hi john its the two mad girls from Dundalk who wouldnt sing. We met jeff and them out there the first time we were out and had great crack. Its such a friendly bar a services with a smile and the d.j was great. Its a pub you could go and have a drink and a laugh and feel welcome and safe. see you soon Anna + Emma.

Date Added: 11/05/2008
Name: jo
Rating: 3

hey what happened john good laugh last year paul is gone kev from o dodoghues upstairs in ricks john u messed up should have had kev in there we spent the week in ricks would have been in fire hey john wake up

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