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Puerto Del Carmen Reviews and Information
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<< Puerto Del Carmen Bars

Puerto del Carmen Bar Reviews

Welcome to the Puerto del Carmen bars review section, this information is for Universo including pictures for Universo, comments and ratings. Don't forget to leave your own comment on Universo.

Universo is located in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Universo may offer more than what is described below but you can be certain they will offer drinks for adults and kids.

If your comment is not a review of Universo it will be deleted. Please remember we are a family friendly site so do not use bad language.

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Name Universo
Location Main Strip

Universo is located close to Centro Atlantico, this bar / restaurants offers a very good selection of food and drink. Universo is a large bar that is also wheel chair friendly.


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11 comments that have been left about this Bar:

Average Rating of this bar is: 8.5 (10 is highest)

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Date Added: 16/04/2015
Name: cocowei zz
Rating: 10

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Date Added: 30/03/2015
Name: Rositsa Atanasova
Rating: 10

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Date Added: 30/03/2015
Name: Vall Sakova
Rating: 10

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Date Added: 28/02/2015
Name: Jinson kc
Rating: 10

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Date Added: 07/05/2011
Name: sean and kate rice rice
Rating: 10

Love this place. Been ten times to PDC. Never let down by this place, steaks lovely and done the way you ask them to be done. Generous with all the prawn starters, which are very fresh. Very child friendly also. Honestly cant complain.

Date Added: 27/04/2011
Name: marga doughty
Rating: 10

For several years we have gone to this resturant manely because Antonio worked here, what a didappointment when we found we had left. Mohammed was still and several of the staff always apleasure to eat there. We did manage to track Antonio down. Thank God.

Date Added: 18/05/2010
Name: a doran
Rating: 10

we ate there twice while on holiday recently ,staff very friendly,best garlic bread we have had was very very nice.

Date Added: 02/07/2009
Name: margaret doughty
Rating: 10

the manager antiona and his staff are the best food excellent and not badly prices service excellent.

Date Added: 09/06/2009
Name: kath wright
Rating: 7

Have been to universo on a number of occasions and have no complaints. Food is lovely especially their steaks and garlic prawns, yum. Not too pricey

Date Added: 14/06/2008
Name: steve and Julie
Rating: 2

Likewise to the below comment had a brekkie here and wasnt inspressed especially when i ordered the normal british and the HUGE one came , will not be going in again

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